CTF(Capture The Flag) SBSEG 2020

This year we will have, during SBSeg 2020, a CTF-like challenge ( Capture The Flag ). The competition will be online and held by our partner, inloco.

Important informations:

  • Realization date: October 10, 2020 (sabádo)

  • Event schedule:9h until 17h

  • Site registrationhttp://sbseg.sbc.org.br/2020/ (SBSeg subscribers can participate for free )

  • Awards for the best competitors.

  • You will have a certificate of participation (6 hours) for those who stay until the end.

  • Interested in participating should answer this form.

We will have challenges related to:

  • Linux Skills

  • Crypto

  • Miscellaneous

  • Forensics

  • WEB

  • SRV(Server Exploitation)

In addition, these challenges will be spread over different levels of difficulty: Noob, Script Kiddie, CTF Player, Mr. Robot and God

During the entire event, mentoring will be offered in order to answer the competitors' doubts.

Questions or more information, send an email to ctf.sbseg@gmail.com.


  • The competition is in the Capture the flag (CTF) style: With challenges whose objective is to find the answer flags

  • Each challenge can have more than one flag, this will be specified in its statement;

  • Each flag will be in the format Try_Pwn_Me {s0m3th1ng_h3r3}, counting as the flag the complete string, not just what is inside the curly braces;

  • The competition will be exclusively individual;

  • Only registered with SBSeg can participate in the competition;

  • The competition will be held remotely;

  • All official communication will be carried out through Discord (https://discord.gg/TqSdfmF);

  • The flags submission platform will be announced at the presentation of the event's introduction, starting at 9 am on 10/10/2020;

  • The event will have a total of 8 hours, from 9 am to 5 pm;

  • A summary with the main information for the participants will be available after the presentation;

  • Competitors can start participating in the CTF at any time after the competition starts;

  • Each participant must use an operating system with software for virtual machines (preferably VirtualBox running the Kali Linux system);

  • Some challenges require the participant to import an .ova file, it is important that the competitor certifies that his choice of virtualization software supports this functionality;

  • Participants can do research on the content addressed in the challenges ;

  • Instructors will be present throughout the event to assist players with possible technical questions or challenges;

  • Participants may ask for assistance only from instructors, and communication with other participants regarding the challenges is forbidden;

  • Any type of attack on infrastructure and other competitors is prohibited (examples: DoS, bruteforce, etc ...);

  • If any irregularity is found that the organization deems to be an unlawful advantage, the competitor will be disqualified;

  • The winners will be declared the three participants who reached the highest score at the end of the event;

  • In the event of a tie, the platform organizes the ranking according to the resolution time, benefiting the one who first reaches the highest score;

  • In the event of a stop or access problem, immediately call a member of the organizing team for assistance;

  • The organizers reserve the right to disqualify the competitor who disrespects the rules of the competition;

  • By registering and presenting on the day of the Competition, the participant accepts and agrees with these rules;

  • The SBSeg organization can change these rules at any time and is sovereign in deciding conflicts or doubts.


The award will consist of a Dstike Wifi Deauther Oled Mini Esp8266 development board for each of the three highest scores and some assorted gifts (stickers, t-shirts, etc ...);

The organization of the event will contact the participants with the highest scores through the email provided in the registration form to arrange the sending of the prizes. Therefore, the time for sending the package will be increased from the end of the event to the receipt by the participant.

FAQ - Questions and answers

What is a CTF?
It is a competition, in the area of ​​information security, composed of challenges where the participants test their knowledge and skills.

How will the format be?
The event will start with a lecture aimed at setting the contestants. This lecture will last approximately 1 hour and will cover the main topics covered in the challenge. The idea is that it will be useful for the participant without experience in this type of event.

I never participated in a CTF, can I compete?
Of course yes. The event will feature a lecture for setting and mentors to help you.

Will the competition be individual or collective?

Is it necessary to be registered with SBSeg in order to participate in the CTF?
Yes, it is necessary. This has some advantages. You can participate in the conference (lectures and short courses) and you can also be a member of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) for a few months.


Coordination of CTF SBSeg 2020
Pedro Carlos da S. Lara - CEFET-RJ
Michelle Wangham - UNIVALI

General Coordination of SBSeg 2020
Fábio Borges de Oliveira - LNCC
Raphael Machado - Inmetro e UFF

Coordination CESeg
Altair Santin - PUCPR
Michele Nogueira - UPFR


Sociedade Brasileira de Computação (SBC)


National Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LNCC)

National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro)

Institute of Computing (IC) of Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF)

SBSeg 2020 is an initiative of Brazilian Computer Society (SBC).