XIII Undergraduate Research Workshop (WTICG)


The Scientific Initiation and Undergraduate Workshops (WTICG), an event that is part of the Brazilian Symposium on Information Security and Computer Systems (SBSeg), aims to encourage the participation of undergraduate students and recent graduates in the production and dissemination of works on topics related to information security and computer systems. WTICG 2020 will be held in conjunction with SBSeg 2020, during the week of October 13-16, 2020, remotely.


  • Deadline for submission of articles: July 10, 2020 July 31, 2020

  • Deadline for submission of the final version:July 17, 2020July 31, 2020

  • Result notification: September 11, 2020

  • Event: 13 to 16 October, 2020


  • Anonymization and privacy
  • Audit and risk analysis in computer systems
  • Characterization and safety measurement
  • Access control, authentication, biometrics, trust and identity management
  • Cryptography and cryptanalysis: algorithms, protocols and applications
  • Cryptocurrencies and distributed consensus mechanisms
  • Computer and criminal forensics
  • Secure hardware
  • Intrusion: detection, prevention and response
  • Standardization and security policies
  • Intellectual property protection and DRM
  • Application security
  • Operating system security
  • Security in cloud computing environments
  • Internet of Things security, sensors and embedded systems
  • Security on computer networks
  • Security in mobile networks and vehicle networks
  • Web security
  • Secure software
  • Electronic voting


Submissions to WTICG 2020 may be submitted to regularly enrolled undergraduate students, or recent graduates who have completed the course as of January 1, 2020. The status of an undergraduate or newly graduated student must be proven with appropriate documentation, which must be sent together with the paper submission. Authors are invited to submit Scientific Initiation (IC) papers, course completion papers (TCC), software implementations and independent projects, completed in the years 2019 and 2020 or nearing completion.

Completed papers must be submitted in the "Full paper" and "Short paper" categories. The submission of articles will be exclusively electronic, through the JEMS system (jems.sbc.org.br). Articles can be written in Portuguese or English and must be submitted only in PDF format. The articles to be submitted to SBSeg must represent works with unpublished content. Submission of articles that are in the process of being revised or that have already been published in other conferences or magazines is not allowed. Each article is limited to 14 pages (Full paper) and 8 pages (Short paper), including abstract, figures, diagrams and references. Attachments are allowed, but should not appear in the final version, if they exceed the page limits of the respective categories. Papers must be formatted following the SBC article template available HERE.

Undergraduate students or recent graduates who have their work accepted at WTICG will have their enrollment in SBSeg subsidized by CESeg Student Grants, a program of the Special Information and Computer Systems Security Commission (CESeg) of the Brazilian Computer Society which aims to encourage student participation in WTICG.

As this is our first completely remote edition, all authors of accepted articles will need to record a video with their presentation to be shown during the technical session on the day of the event. This recording will be made available to SBSeg participants, as well as the virtual presence of the student author during his respective remote technical session will be required to answer questions from the WTICG audience. These will be mandatory requirements for the publication of the respective article.


Márjory da Costa-Abreu - Sheffield Hallam University/UFRN
Natalia de Castro Fernandes - UFF

General Coordination of SBSeg 2020
Fábio Borges de Oliveira - LNCC
Raphael Machado - Inmetro e UFF

Coordination CESeg
Altair Santin - PUCPR
Michele Nogueira - UPFR


Sociedade Brasileira de Computação (SBC)


National Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LNCC)

National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro)

Institute of Computing (IC) of Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF)

SBSeg 2020 is an initiative of Brazilian Computer Society (SBC).