To register for SBSeg 2020, visit


Registration in SBSeg 2020, in any of the categories, allows participation in technical sessions, keynotes, tutorials, panels, short courses and workshops.

To participate in the I CAPTURE THE FLAG (CTF), interested parties must register for SBSeg 2020 and complete the following form.

Payment methods

Registration can be paid by bank slip, credit card, Banco do Brasil account debit, commitment note or billing through the registration system. Registrations can be made until the last day of the event, but payments by debit and bank slip will be closed on 08/10/2020. After this date it will be possible to pay by credit card, commitment note and billing.

Registrations by commitment note or billing:

The participant must access the registration system and make the registration by selecting the payment method "nota de empenho" or "faturamento" and click to pay. The system will provide the necessary information that must be included in the commitment note or billing.


For each mini-course, article and poster accepted for publication in the following SBSeg2020 events: main trail, Tool Room, WFC, WGID, at least one paid subscription from one of the authors will be required as (PROFESSIONAL) or (STUDENT + Publication fee) at the event, and in both cases, each registration entitles the publication of 2 (two) works, be they articles, posters or short courses.

The authors, because they demand more resources from the organization of the event, will not be able to use the benefit of exemption from registration granted by the Institutions associated with SBC.

Additional payment of the publication fee must be made in the corresponding registration category:
For each paper or poster accepted for publication in the WTICG, one of the authors must be registered as a STUDENT, and in this case, each student's registration gives the right to publish 1 (one) paper or poster.

Cancellation policy

Until 1/10/2020 it is possible to make a refund of 80% of the amount paid for registration in SBSeg 2020. After this date there will be no refund of any amount paid. The policy applies to cancellation of any activity. To request cancellation, you must send an email to

Registration fees

Registration fees for SBSeg 2020 are listed below. We emphasize that students and professionals that are not SBC members can join (or renew their membership) in the registration process with a discount on the non-member registration fee. Registering with SBC membership is the most advantageous option for non-SBC members, as they pay less than the non-SBC option and still join SBC (visit the SBC website and see why be a member).

It will be required at the time of registration for categories that need proofing, to upload proof that certifies the chosen category. Verification of this document may take up to 1 business day. Only after validation by SBC staff, the payment methods will be presented. The registered person will receive informative emails at all stages of the evolution of SBSeg 2020 registration.

Until 08/10 9/10 to 16/10
Undergraduate students

Member SBC R$ 38,50 R$ 52,50
Non-Member SBC (Membership + registration) R$ 60,50 R$ 74,50
Non-Member SBC (only registration) R$ 65,00 R$ 80,00
Student not associated or with non-current SBC membership (COMBO FOUR MONTHS: registration at the event + four months association to SBC) R$ 45,85 R$ 59,85
Graduate Students

Member SBC R$ 52,50 R$ 70,00
Non-Member SBC (Membership + registration) R$ 143,50 R$ 161,00
Non-Member SBC (only registration) R$ 149,00 R$ 168,00
Graduate Students not associated or with non-current SBC membership (COMBO FOUR MONTHS: registration at the event + four months association to SBC) R$ 83,50 R$ 101,00

Member SBC R$ 182,00 R$ 245,00
Non-Member SBC (Best option: membership + registration) R$ 442,00 R$ 505,00
Non-Member SBC (only registration) R$ 461,00 R$ 530,00
Professionals not associated or with non-current SBC membership (COMBO FOUR MONTHS: registration at the event + four months association to SBC) R$ 269,00 R$ 332,00


SBSeg 2020 General Coordination:
Fábio Borges de Oliveira - LNCC
Rafael Machado - Inmetro

CEseg Coordination:
Altair Santin (PUCPR)
Michele Nogueira (UPFR)

SBSeg 2020 is an initiative of the Brazilian Society of Computing (SBC).